btwn partners with Arka.

Starting an online business demands lots of work to make dreams come true. However, the challenge doesn’t end there– from increasing sales to shipping orders, merchants will face more dilemmas as they monitor the businesses’ growth. Scaling a business will often lead to switching and adapting to new operational strategies. 

That’s why btwn and Arka have partnered together to help merchants drive more sales, customer retention, and brand loyalty. 

Arka is a platform for businesses to design and order branded and unbranded packaging online. All you need to do is choose a product, customize and receive the order in bulk. Arka is FSC certified and practices sustainability throughout the process of designing and shipping personalized packaging. In addition, merchants can consult with Arka to improve the post-purchasing experience and rebrand the packaging to offer a better customer experience. 

btwn is a free social marketing network that helps businesses grow with word-of-mouth referrals. Merchants can track customer referrals and return on investments in real-time. They can also send personalized offers (e.g. coupons, invitations) to the customers that joined btwn. btwn is also easy to join and share for customers. To join the referral program, they can download the mobile app and shop at businesses. When they invite a friend to download btwn and shop at the same business, they’ll receive a small number of cash incentives.  

Please visit Arka to learn more about their products and services. If you’re a current customer of btwn and interested in, please contact our partnership team (

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