Btwn was born with the mission of friends sharing experiences with one another, so we decided to launch our beta version to a group of selected influencers in the NYC area in a networking event and some good food. We’ve had a lot of interesting conversations about referral marketing, influencer marketing and growing an audience as an influencer.

Being able to reach to the local community of influencers and get such a positive response in regards to the beta version of our app has been an incredible experience and we’re planning our next event soon.

During the event, we’ve made great connections and we held an expert panel featuring 3 NYC influencers:

Anna Myrha (@anna.myrha) is an actress and influencer that has created an inspiring Instagram account and has found an incredible niche to create content for. You can see her amazing work on profile.

Debbie LeMonte (@thelocdbella) is an entrepreneur, photographer and influencer that is very inspirational and talented.

Michelle Williams (@coffeeandchampagne) is a blogger and influencer that got started due to her passion for food and unique recipes that wanted to share with the world.

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