In 2019 online shopping reached $137.6 billion during the holiday season, and it is estimated to increase by 33%  in 2020 due to social distancing and the ongoing global pandemic.  

This year is more important than ever to have an effective digital marketing strategy for the holidays as an eCommerce store. Even though Black Friday was mostly an offline event, most businesses offering an online shopping experience will do Black Friday online. But Cyber Monday is the day for online stores to increase their sales and even recover a part of their loss from Q2 2020. Follow our 10-digital marketing tips to optimize your store this Cyber Monday.

1. Seamless shopping for customers

Nothing is worse than a customer abandoning their cart due to the lack of usability in the checkout process. Cart abandonment is always going to happen, but there are a few ways you can avoid that by:

  • Improving your customer acquisition flow – try to create a purchase when coming from the main page to checkout, see if there are any issues, unnecessary information, or product descriptions that are not correct. 
  • Update your product descriptions and use keywords that your target audience would use.
  • Create an email flow that builds up tension for the big sale day – use a series of emails to hint at new discounts, product releases, gift guides, and product bundles.
2. Shoppable items on Instagram

When Instagram launched its shoppable items and Instagram Shop in the search bar, it made it easier for businesses to sell their products on Instagram. It eliminated the need for your customer to visit your online store and checkout through Instagram by offering a seamless checkout experience. Customers will find your products through photos, make a purchase on Instagram, and wait for the shipment. 

If your business is not using their feature yet, Cyber Monday should be the time to start.

3. Add shoppable items on your Instagram stories

Another way Instagram is making online shopping easier is through their shoppable stories. Brands, customers, and influencers can tag your brand in stories by using the Product sticker. 

To add a product to stories, use the Product sticker found on Instagram stories to tag a specific product in your store. 

4. Create a holiday-themed TikTok video series

TikTok is gaining popularity among small and large businesses alike ever since the platform has launched its TikTok for business. They also have a small business program where they give out $300 in ad credit. 

If you want to create a holiday campaign on the platform, you have a variety of ways you can promote your business. If you don’t have a Tik Tok strategy yet in place, start by setting up content pillars for the platform and create weekly content based on that. Content pillars will help you stay organized with your posts, so you can plan in advance and not get stuck with content ideas.

5. Add a loyalty program for better customer retention

Most of the time, the customers acquired on Cyber Monday are not as likely to come back to your store. It is your job to keep a good relationship with your customers and incentivize them to make another purchase. You can increase retention of the customers acquired this way by using account-based marketing – you send a series of campaigns, emails, and content targeting that specific customer. 

But customer retention is more than email marketing. Our tool allows you to send 1:1 in-app messages with a coupon, offer, or gift card that shows you care about their experience with your brand.

6. Offer free shipping

Free shipping matters more to customers shopping online than a 10-20% discount. Try to offer free shipping whenever possible, but make sure you keep track of your profit margins. 

7. Create targeted gift guides

Collaborate with other eCommerce stores and create a gift guide for the holidays that is helpful and promotes your holiday deals. For example, you can do a ‘gift guide for house plant lovers’, if your store sells house plants and post this content on your blog, email newsletter, and social media.

Here is an example of a well planned out holiday gift guide by a skincare online shop – RosesNRose – that incentivizes readers to make a holiday purchase at their store, but it has other small businesses as well. By doing so, you’ll avoid giving a pushy sales pitch about how great your products are for the holiday season.

8. Plan ahead your social media posts and email campaigns

Plan your social media calendar, emails, and blog content for the holiday sale. Use content scheduling tools from social media platforms and email tools for all your posts to be optimized and on time.

Spend time focusing on the caption used on social media, research hashtags, and have at least 2-3 options for your photo/video content.

9. Collaborate with other eCommerce stores and create a holiday bundle

Gift sets and bundles with different products are a popular choice for customers around the holidays because they get to gift a beautifully wrapped box that won’t disappoint. 

To make it more interesting, try partnering up with another brand that has products your audience will love and create a campaign with that brand. It will give you double exposure to the campaign because the brand you collaborated with will promote the campaign. 

10. Join a referral program

If you don’t have a referral program in place yet, now it’s the time. With referral programs, the customers acquired through your Cyber Monday campaign will bring you in new customers using our app. With btwn, we will reward in cash customers that refer their friends to you automatically.

You can also start your referral program by adding a reward if new customers will refer their friends. This option is a bit more time-consuming since it needs more resources to track those referrals. 

Final thoughts

The tips we compiled will help you create a better brand experience, that is the ultimate goal if you want to have acquired loyal customers that will spread the word organically about your business.

You can also try our free tool – a new way to keep your customers engaged and make them come back to your store with our customer retention and referral marketing features. You can sign up for free by creating an account with an email and password.

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