Busy-goers in this fast-paced world rely on high-quality coffee to help them beat the afternoon slump; that’s why almost every street has at least one cafe to quench the market’s thirst for fresh brews, double shots of espresso, spiced lattes, and other coffee-centric concoctions.

As more coffee shops open and join the growing list of hole-in-the-wall cafes, finding ways to stand out from the saturated crowd is trickier than ever. Digital marketing proves to be the biggest factor that can earn your business more curious eyes and coffee drinkers, so consider the tips below so you can market your cafe without spending too much on your advertising efforts. 

Tip #1: Go Online and Get Social About Your Shop’s Coffee

In a world driven by technology and the internet, platforms like social media are among the most powerful marketing tools where businesses can tap into a wider audience on a more meaningful scale. 

Since most consumers — older and younger generations — are active on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, building an online presence is an essential part of solidifying your brand. 

For coffee shops with competitors left and right, social media can be the key to highlighting your unique voice and generating interest for your cafe. People also love picture-perfect coffee shops and latte art, so having some socials can expand your brand awareness since your customers can tag your business in their posts. 

Tip #2: Automate Your Word-of-Mouth Referral Strategy

If there’s one thing that can make coffee taste even better, it’s to offer fun rewards to your loyal customers! Nothing beats the thrill of purchasing your favorite pick-me-up, and know that it comes with points you can redeem, so why not leverage the earning potential of brand loyalty? 

Innovative technology makes it possible to set up an interactive relationship with your customers, one that incentivizes them to refer your shop to friends, family, colleagues, and more! Mobile apps like BTWN, for instance, automatically rewards happy customers without having to manually track their referral codes. 

Tip #3: Jump the Live Video Bandwagon 

Most consumers today love to get up close and personal with brands, which means your coffee business should focus on marketing campaigns that feel personalized, transparent, and engaging. 

Live streaming channels from Facebook down to Instagram’s Stories are perfect mediums you can use to deliver interactive and high-impact content. Whether it’s to show a glimpse of your cafe’s behind-the-scenes, shed light on new flavors, or simply play around with brand-related video shorts, live streaming can do wonders in gaining traction for your cafe. 

The Bottom Line: Producing Marketing Campaigns that are More Than Your Average Brew 

People’s preference on what makes the perfect brew may change, but one thing is for sure: coffee is a perennial pick-me-up that will never fall out of season, so it’s no surprise that coffee shop owners find the landscape fiercely competitive. With that in mind, it’s important to find creative ways to build your brand awareness and loyalty without having to burn holes with your marketing spend. 

How Can btwn Improve Your Brand’s Online Presence?

As a local business, your marketing budget is limited since there are higher costs you need to cover like rent and employee’s salaries so being strategic about your marketing efforts is key to succeeding. As mentioned above, one of the most simple and cost-effective marketing strategies is a referral program where your customers are paid in cash for bringing in their friends.

Are you looking for ways to automate your word-of-mouth referral marketing program? btwn is a mobile referral app that can connect your business and your customers, allowing you to send instant rewards to loyal shoppers who refer to your shop. Whether it’s for coffee shop owners, Shopify merchants, and more, download our app today and see what we can do to improve your marketing strategy! 

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