As an online store, driving traffic to your website is one of the main goals you have in marketing – from paid advertising to influencer marketing, all your efforts are directed towards people taking a look at your website & products. 

Being able to leverage word of mouth referrals can transform a struggling business into a profitable one, due in most part to the fact that the website traffic coming from a customer referral is highly targeted. These are your customer’s friends, which means, they have similar tastes, they like similar products & they trust their friends – so there is a high probability they will make a purchase. 

A referral from a friend will always have more impact than the messaging from a company, so setting up a referral program for your store becomes a no-brainer.

Roses N Rose

This indie skincare company has tons of followers and good reviews on social media, so they saw the opportunity to grow using this particular type of customer – the millennial buyer on social media. 

It was clear enough for Roses N Rose that a referral program would be perfect for their ecommerce store, and after trying multiple referral program solutions, they decided to signup using our seamless solution for referral marketing – btwn.

The main difference between us and other referral programs they tried out in the past was the fact that it was so easy and low cost to implement, and yet could bring in the same results as other programs.

By using btwn as a referral program, the store was able to leverage those reviews on social media and increase their customer base in just 60 days. Their customers earn 10% when they bring in a new sale for the store & they return happy because they’re able to spend those rewards wherever they want.

“Btwn has been great for going my brand awareness and my audience loves being able to have an incentive just for telling their friends & family about it!” @Chante Gernett, Founder


Another revolutionary referral program was done by Harry’s – they took the route of creating and developing their own referral program that will incentivize users to sign up when they first launched. This was done in order to create as much buzz as possible around their launch date, and get those loyal customers from the start.

As incentives, they offered free products, in exchange for referring a certain number of friends. Using this approach they were able to launch with 10,000 leads. This is not suitable for all business stages or all marketing budgets, but if you’re just starting out, this can be a great way to launch in style.


Another successful approach to referral marketing is done by MeUndies – an eCommerce store that is proclaimed the most comfortable undies ever. 

They took the approach of double referrals, where the store rewards the customers making the referral, and the one receiving the referral. Taking it one step further by notifying the customer when a friend signed up or added a product to their cart, but didn’t complete the purchase – this way the customer could ask their friends again, in order to receive the incentive. 


TeaBox is a tea subscription box that knows how to do referral marketing. The fact that they are a subscription, it makes referral marketing even more important to leverage word of mouth referrals, in order to increase their customer’s lifetime value and with that the revenue per customer. 

TeaBox chose to create a $10 discount code incentive that will assure their customers return for a second month – this is most common when you sell subscription-based products. 

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