According to Youtube for Press, 1 billion hours of videos are watched by users in a day. When the pandemic began in 2020, Youtube saw its traffic spiked by 15% in a week in April. This means we watch at least one Youtube video once a day, and it is a source where we take away and practice new information.  

While blog posts have been a beneficial resource for businesses to refer to for growing their business, videos are also effective tools to learn complex topics through engaging and interactive features such as movements, voices, and music. 

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is one of the marketing strategies known by many, but it is somewhat challenging to understand how it works and implement it right. This marketing strategy has been used since the beginning of the commerce era, and it is a very effective tool to gain new customers and grow a company’s revenue without having to spend millions in advertising channels.

Therefore, we have found five well-narrated videos about word of mouth marketing and its power to increase brands’ long-term success:

Manu Kumar Jain – Marketing Without Advertising

Manu Kumar Jain is a Global VP and Managing Director of Xiaomi Technology in India. In a 2017 TED Talk, he shared his advertising experience during his time at Jabong and compared major global brands like Facebook and Tesla to show how successful companies primarily focused on product innovation have a worldwide presence. This is one of the very inspiring videos to learn how a great product and network can make companies grow without spending a large amount of money on advertising.

Andy Sernovitz – Word of Mouth Marketing 5 Simple Steps

If you are looking for a word of mouth marketing 101, this video is for you. Andy Sernovitz is a word of mouth marketing educator and CEO of multiple businesses such as GasPedal,, and that focus on building communities. He begins with a cheerful chant “Woo!”, followed by the name of WooConf, to get the audience’s attention. Throughout the video, Sernovitz starts from the basic characteristics of the word of mouth marketing and to the types of things to encourage people to talk about products for spreading a word.

Jackie Huba – Expert on Customer Loyalty and Word of Mouth Marketing

An author and expert on customer loyalty, Jackie Huba spoke how loyal customers, the 1% of overall customers, drive a brand’s sales and why those customers matter to growing revenue. Rather than standing and talking on a stage by herself, she goes down and interacts with her audience by having conversations to demonstrate loyal customers’ behaviors. This is an engaging 10 minutes video to recognize the importance of “one-percenters” of your customers and how they can help you market your product and/or service.

Chris Cowan – How Word of Mouth Really Works

Chris Cowan introduces 8 segmentations of people’s motivation behind word of mouth, what is the psychology and reasoning behind a referral and how do humans make referrals. Then he explains 3 components that make referral effective– timeliness, credibility, and relationship. This video is only 10 minutes long, a good source that you listen to while you are making a morning cup of coffee.

Marketing Expert Series – interview with Wade Morris, btwn

In this interview video, our sales team member, Wade Morris, introduces our service– by combining word of mouth marketing and referral marketing, btwn can monetize word of mouth recommendations and empower our partner vendors’ loyal customers to increase brand awareness and sales. Customers are offered incentives that will motivate them to make referrals to friends and family, once those friends make a purchase, they get rewarded in cash. The reasoning behind cash rewards, in comparison to other types of rewards like coupons or products, is that after surveying and researching what the best motivator for humans will be in order for them to make a referral, they most certainly prefer cash they can spend anywhere they want. 

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