The most functional kitchens are always stocked with pantry essentials! If you’ve got yourself the necessities in hand, there are limitless opportunities with what you may create from your pantry. Here are 5 upgraded pantry staples & essentials that will help you spruce up your meals in your kitchen and give your life an extra spice. To give you a tip, make sure to download btwn app before purchasing any of these pantry essentials. You’ll be able to make money from these pantry-essentials vendors every time you refer friends!

A single origin honey from Two Hives Honey


Trying to preserve your shelves constantly with food items can be demanding. Farm2Me is a hassle-free, money-saving shop to bring the farm to your table. Giving you the bulk price of everyday products, try their Two Hives honey to top your oatmeal & yogurt or their UFO Sauce, a vegan burger sauce to top your burgers. You can also opt in to try their Future of Food Sampler Box. Some goodies included in the box are: Granola butter (Jake & Jubi’s), Superfood smoothies (Fairseed), Gold brew coffee (Golden Ratio), Kentucky spearmint (Grow Gardenio), Dehydrated mushroom “shrumami” powder (HiFi Mycology). *Free shipping and returns on orders $35+

Pantry party april/may special box of 2021 that includes 5 condiments

Pantry Party

With a pantry party subscription box and the gift of the internet, you can get your boring meals to a chef’s cuisine. Perfect for a mother’s day gift (our Mother’s gift guide here) or a splurge to yourself Pantry Party subscription box comes with a curated selection of pantry items and snacks made by local restaurants and small-batch makers from around the country. These delicious and unique pantry goods that are responsibly sourced will help you elevate your meals to the next flavor. Support small businesses and show off your creativity in the kitchen! April/May special box 2021 includes

  • Table Mountain Farms Salted Dark Chocolate Caramel Sauce- A Good Food Award winner for good reason! Smooth sweetness with a dark edge that is completely irresistible!
  • Boonville Barn Collective Smoky Piment d’Ville – Your new “use on everything” pepper. More like a cracked black pepper, but more delicate and with a hint of smoke. Keep on the counter and add liberally to everything.
  • Dark Horse Fermented Dijon – A modern take on the traditional french dijon, and fermented with chardonnay. Delicate notes of honey. A new home staple!
  • Daybreak Seaweed Co x Soba Ichi Shichimi Togarashi – This Yuzu 7-Spice is spicy and addicting. Great to add a kick of flavor to your favorite meals, sprinkled on soba, ramen, vegetables, or even popcorn!
  • Xilli Pipian Verde – A Classic green pepita and Mexican herb mole that will lift your spirit up. Herbaceous, refreshing, and nutty, this sauce is mild but has depth, and practically requires no effort to prepare.
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Gonanas' banana bread mix


Do you have bruised bananas collecting dust on your kitchen table? With super simple ingredients you already have in your pantry, GoNanas banana bread mix allow you to create bakery-level baked goods! Make banana bread that is good for your body and soul with GoNana’s banana bread mix! Keep the banana bread mix in your pantry so that every time you come across an old banana, you can make a delicious microwave banana bread mug dessert! Best of all, they are vegan with tons of diverse flavors to choose from! Make a batch of crackling banana bread, chocolate chip banana bread, and pumpkin banana bread to share with your friends and family. Check out their Banana Bread Variety 3 pack which is their best seller all time!

East Iceland Coffee company coffee beans

East Iceland Coffee

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Don’t miss out on a day without coffee! Stock up your pantry with naturally processed coffee, cold brew from smallholder farmers! East Iceland coffee is an online specialty coffee merchant from Hoboken, New Jersey. Pre-order their Organic Ten Drops Cold Brew now in whole beans and ground! With the flavor notes of strawberry, raspberry, and milk chocolate, make a batch of iced cold brew to keep in your fridge. East Iceland coffee specializes in looking for unique, micro coffee roasters from around the world such as Peru and Columbia. If for any reason you are not happy with your coffee, East Iceland Coffee will gladly work with you to find you the coffee you love. *Free local delivery in Hoboken and JC Heights.

Wine cellar of Amsterdam wine co. available both in-store and online

Amsterdam Wine Co.

Who says you have to stock up your pantry with whole foods. Stock up your pantry with wine for an elevated experience. Located next to Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History, Amsterdam Wine Co.’s in-person store has an amazing staff with super helpful recommendations. Amsterdam Wine Co. keeps their wine bottles at 56F in Collector’s Case with all of their back stocked stored in a temperature-controlled cellar below Amsterdam Ave. They also offer a huge selection of $15 and under wines, seltzers and spirits to choose from. Our favorite is the Two Chicks Canned cocktail which is gluten-free and vegan-friendly, perfect for an Insta-worthy picnic shoot. If you can’t browse in person, order from their app and website for easy online shopping for delivery and pickups.

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