The holiday season is approaching fast, and with a global pandemic still around the world, it will be different from other years. Starting with the buying cycle of the consumer for the holidays, to marketing campaigns starting right on Halloween, and an increase in online purchases compared to offline.

E-commerce marketers have always played the guessing game when it comes to creating advertising campaigns for the holidays that consumers will love. This fact involves a lot of creativity in brainstorming the best campaigns that will boost sales and revenue for the holiday season.

The 2020 holiday eCommerce season will start promotional campaigns earlier than November, mostly due to the increase in online sales in the last quarter of 2020 due to its convenience and safety. 

According to a study conducted by Alixpartners, 45% of consumers will make their holiday shopping online only to avoid large crowds in shopping malls and stores. Online shopping is increasing more year by year, but this year will be the fastest-growing part of holiday shopping. 

Below there are a few tips to help eCommerce marketers win the 2020 Holiday season:

  • Home for the holidays

This message seems to be a top trend in the marketing campaigns this year, and it will perform well according to Pattern89. With this message, there are a few dozen ideas that come to my mind when thinking about conveying that into a holiday marketing campaign. It is a proven fact that videos perform better than still images on social media paid ads. Marketers can start thinking about snow nights, Christmas trees, and the smell of cinnamon, or other elements that symbolize home for the holidays for your buyer persona. 

  • Include free shipping with orders 

Which one will you buy? A $38 product that comes with free domestic shipping or one that is $30, but they charge $8 for shipping. Studies show that the first one has a higher CTR, better than discounts. The main reason for this that consumers prefer promotions that have the word free in them. It is not a requirement to offer this promotion all year round, and you can focus on leveraging this on holidays and other events in the year. 

  • Plan and analyze

Plan early for the Black Friday madness all the details that involve creating a seamless checkout process for consumers. You get 10 seconds to catch the website visitors’ attention and if something goes wrong (like the website takes a long time to load). Make sure your website is running smoothly, and your contents are up to date on all pages. The last thing you want is some out of date information that a visitor will be confused about and leave their cart. 

Another thing to set up in advance is the goals you need to accomplish with your Black Friday campaigns. What kind of customers you will get and what their lifetime value is, as well as metrics that you want to keep track of like budget spent per campaign, best performing channel, and the number of acquired customers. Tracking these metrics will help you plan for your next holiday season as a small business.

  • Leverage your loyal customers

Your power customers are those customers that are your loyal fans: they like everything you post on social media, they buy your products regularly, and take the time to let you know about their experience with your brand. 

These customers already love your brand, so they can do the marketing for you and refer to friends and family. They most likely mention your brand to their friends, but you can also get them on board as brand ambassadors. Using btwn, you can incentivize them to refer more friends, and whenever their friends make a purchase, your brand will reward them in cash. Cash is the best incentive you can offer your loyal customer during the holidays to incentivize them. 

By attracting new customers that have similar traits to your old customers, it will be easier to convert them into loyal customers and at a lower cost

  • Gift sets for the holiday season

When people shop during the holidays, they look for gifts for loved ones, and there is no better gift than an already wrapped one that’s good to go and doesn’t require any additional efforts. Wrapping and choosing the best gift takes a lot of time, so taking this struggle off your customer’s shoulders can be rewarding. You don’t have to create new products to have a gift set just by using your best sellers, and wrapping them in a nice box with a ribbon will be enough. You can also create different tier gift sets for all budgets to get rid of old inventory or promote a new line of products.

The 2020 holiday season looks like it will be one where everyone needs to get more creative and try new things to attract customers. Because the spending power of the consumer this year is affected and looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd might help you in the long run.

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