If you’ve been in business for a while you have experienced happy customer referrals, because referrals come naturally in the human conversations. Maybe you thought about leveraging those referrals to increase your customer base. So the best way to do it is to add an incentive to those referrals. That’s when a referral program comes into play, being able to reward referrals from those happy customers and create brand awareness among potential customers.

If you have thought about implementing a referral program or you’ve just signed up for one, there are a few best practices to get the best out of any referral program. 

The most important goal when leveraging referrals is to make as many people aware of your program as possible. Raising awareness about your program will allow your business to thrive on referrals among happy customers.

Here are a few ways to raise awareness among customers.

Add information about your referral program in the checkout process

The checkout process is a key area on your website where you can add information about your new referral program and target potential customers that are looking to buy your products. Everyone who is looking to make a purchase at your store should know about your referral program, and if they already know, a reminder is always helpful. 

Include information about the program on your website

Create a custom landing page that explains in detail the steps your customers need to take in order for them to make referrals and get rewarded. Make it simple and easy to use.

If your website has a live chat bot, consider adding some information about the program available there as well. Make the program accessible for all visitors on your website and create a story around it. People love storytelling so add some context to your referral program. One example would be the case of Frank’s Body referral program, where they do a great job in combining storytelling with their referral program.

Use social media to raise awareness

Add information about your referral program on your social media channels to keep on top of the mind among potential customers or community members.  Some of the content types you can use to raise awareness are: 

  • Infographics
  • Posts
  • Instagram bios and links
  • Facebook/Instagram stories
  • Live videos on Facebook or Instagram
  • Blog

Use email to spread the word

Use the power of email marketing to let your community know about your referral program by compiling a simple guide on how to use the referral program and the benefits your customers receive from making recommendations.

Here is one example from Ulta Beauty:

You can develop an email campaign that will be sent out bimonthly or weekly, with updates and case studies about your happy customers receiving rewards, or you can send out one time emails that will remind your community about your referral program.

Keep in mind that the key to a successful referral program starts with raising awareness about it among your past and potential customers. Spread the word about it to as many people as possible and watch referrals roll in, and with them, a new wave of loyal customers.

Because customers acquired from referrals are more likely to make a purchase again because they heard about your brand from a trusted source (friends & family).

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