Referral marketing can be leveraged by any type of business from small to large. It can also be a great way to acquire new customers at a lower cost in comparison to paid ads. In the personal care industry, word of mouth referrals can make or break a business’s reputation.

The btwn referral program was designed to help B2C companies acquire new customers by using a patented technology that rewards customers automatically for referrals.

Below we’ve compiled 4 ways that btwn can help your local spa business grow through word of mouth marketing.

Rewarding loyal customers with cash for referring friends

The best part of our referral program is that the incentive you add in order for your customers to refer a friend is in cash. Our technology can automatically track customers and link them with each other, so there is no hassle on your side. If a customer downloads the app, everything else is automatic. This will also help increase your brand trust, because when you acquire a customer based on their friend’s referral, they already trust your brand and will more likely make a purchase.

Have a QR code for guests to download our app

One thing COVID-19 has changed in many businesses’ operations is adapting to  QR codes. This new way of displaying promotions or menus has become very efficient in minimizing contacts between two or more people. To launch a successful referral program, you want your customers to participate and refer their friends to your spa. Display a download QR code of our app at the front desk to catch their attention. 

Another way you could promote the referral program is by having a conversation with the guests during the checkout process and suggesting they sign up on btwn and refer a friend to get free cash from you. We have an ongoing promotion to reward our first-time app users for making their first purchase with 50% cash back at any of our partner vendors. Bringing up the promotion we are running in the conversation will be most likely to encourage them to participate in the referral program. 

Use our app features to increase engagement with current customers that have downloaded the app  (e.g. Invitations, Coupons, Survey)

After your customers download and sign up on btwn, now it’s time to connect with them through our platform. Using your btwn dashboard, you can communicate with your clients that have made btwn accounts. The advantage of this dashboard is that you can choose particular customers or social groups, to send messages with personalized offers that will incentivize them to come back to your spa. The dashboard has Invitations, Coupons, and Survey — each feature serves different purposes designed to increase repeated purchases and referrals:

  • Invitations: Use this feature to promote a new treatment, or invite a loyal customer for a complimentary service. If you have company events, don’t forget to invite your biggest fans – aka loyal customers.  
  • Coupons: Designed to help you motivate repeated purchases, you can send coupons to customers and their social groups (the number of friends they invited to your spa) in order to increase engagement and loyalty. If a customer makes a big purchase or invites more than 10 people to your spa – send over a thank you note and a coupon, so they can come back next time. 
  • Surveys: Send questions regarding their latest experience, any feedback you might need, and even market research questions. This is a great way to hear feedback and advance/ level up your business’ customer service reputation. 

Dialing your clients to check-in is great; however, it takes time to call, and they wouldn’t be able to pick up phone calls. Unlike phone calls, btwn message features allow you to promote your business and offer touchless coupons. Go on our dashboard and promote any deals or “touchless spa treatment such as Meditation Salt Chambers, Sensory Deprivation Pods, etc.”. 

Create an exclusive deal for your loyal customers

Your loyal customers are great to be the early adopters of our app because they are more likely to follow with your business’ promotions or updates. To reward them for loyalty, you can create exclusive deals using our app features and reward them for bringing new customers in cash.  By tracking your Return on Investment (ROI) data on the dashboard, you’ll be able to learn who your loyal customers are, and the general buying cycles. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see your top-performing customers, which are the ones that bring you in the most revenue. Express your gratitude with exclusive deals through Coupons and/or Invitations that will help you build long-term relationships and create a sense of community. 

Send thank you messages to new customers on the app 

Your existing clients can recommend your shop to their friends through casual conversations via text, phone call, etc. With our referral program, the only step their friends need to complete is to download the app and create their accounts. When the referred friends, also known as “new customers”, visit your spa for treatments, connecting with your new customers is very important as well as thanking your existing clients. Send personalized messages to the referred guests to grow customer relationships. Your customers are more likely to spread the word about your business when you keep reaching out to them. Maintaining a good relationship with customers that are willing to refer to your business and talk about you with their friends and family is an important aspect of having sustainable growth. With btwn you can send in-app thank you messages that will incentivize customers to refer friends after they have downloaded the app. 

Now more than ever is a great time to revisit your marketing plan and join a referral program to help your business scale. With our solution, your happy customers will monetize from referring to your shop, and your business will flourish with increasing revenue through our simple CRM tool. Signing up is free of charge, so join btwn now!

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