So you have signed up btwn. What’s the next step? One of the frequently asked questions from our partner vendors is: how can we use your service to increase our brand awareness? Our simple answer is to expose our platform to your audience, but, of course, that’s too vague. There are several ways you can use our platform to gain more attention and increase the exposure. We’ve developed a post to describe effective strategies to spread the word about our service in order to grow your business. To see more general information, read: Best practices for online businesses on using referral programs.

Add call-to-action (CTA) banners on your website

One way you can spread the word about btwn is to display customized banners on your online shop with a Call-To-Action (CTA) feature. When a visitor clicks the banner, it should lead them to the landing page to learn more about your partnership with our referral program. The major benefits of using banners is eye-catching, easily customizable and measurable to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns (source: Midas Marketing). Banners can be applied to your website’s homepage, checkout, newsletter, or any place you find important to share btwn with your audience. We help create banners and landing pages that suit your needs, so collaborating with us is a key to successful promotion of btwn and your brand!

Create Referral/Affiliate Programs Page

Many brands share their referral/affiliate programs on their website for those who are interested in shopping and earning money at the same time. According to Prasad Vana, assistant professor of Tuck School of Business, cashback offers increase the likelihood of consumers returning back to the cashback website/mobile applications and increasing the size of their purchases. In addition, companies have found 86% increase in their revenue with formalized referral programs. It would be a lot easier for the audience to discover btwn through your website’s referral program page. 

Alabama Sawyer, a modern, sustainable furniture brand based in Birmingham, Alabama and our partner vendor, has their own Referral & Affiliates with a direct, eye-catching title: Earn Money. btwn is proudly featured on their page! Check out Alabama Sawyer’s beautiful wooden furniture and merchandise at:

Feature btwn on Blog Page: 

Blog is an accessible platform for any audience to find resources and get inspired from the information. If your website has a blog page, sharing a brief post about our app would be insightful. Another reason blog posts are helpful is that you can personalize your business’ experience with our service to tell your audience. This method will increase the audience’s trust with not only btwn but your brand.  

Tell your stories about btwn on Instagram Stories..

One of the fastest ways to connect with your audience is using social media. Among social media platforms, Instagram is the most popular social media that has over 1 billion users and 500 million daily active users. It’s hard to find any brand without their business social media account. According to Hootsuite, statistics show that 200 million Instagram users visit Instagram business profiles at least once in a day. In addition, 62% of Instagram users say they have become more interested in brands or products after seeing them on Stories. 

A quick storytelling: Roses N Rose, an indi cosmetic brand based in California, is our partner vendor. We regularly feature the brand on our Instagram Stories. When Roses N Rose reposted the Stories on their profile, we’ve seen over 80% increase in new users! Besides Stories, you can use other Instagram features to blast about your brand’s partnership with us to converse your audience to loyal customers. 

Keep in touch with us for more promotional ideas

All brands are different. They have different missions, expectations, and experience for their customers. The ultimate success in partnering with referral programs comes from endless communication. We’re always here to help create better marketing experiences and interaction with your customers. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any suggestions for promotional ideas!

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