It is a proven fact that New Yorkers love their coffee because it fuels them every day in city life adventures. That’s why when the lockdown came to NYC, coffee shops fell under ‘essential retail’ businesses along with restaurants and grocery stores. 

Even though local NYC coffee shops remained opened during the pandemic, that doesn’t mean they were able to stay afloat with their revenue and rent. For some of them, the unfortunate shutdown due happened to office closures, consumers homebrewing their coffee, and the absence of tourists. But some coffee shops have tried to adjust and started delivering their ground coffee bags, like Now or Never Coffee – a gourmet coffee shop in Soho.

With the city reopening outdoor and limited indoor dining in September 2020, coffee shops are hopeful in regaining their lost revenue with new offers and promotions. Our customer relationship management and referral tool can help local coffee shops grow by leveraging those new customers gained and transform them into loyal customers. 

Some benefits we provide for local coffee shops:

  • Gain customers for ‘free’ through word of mouth

btwn helps you leverage customer referrals with a cash incentive. Whenever a happy customer refers their friend to your business, if that friend visits, you send your customer a cash reward through their app account to thank them for the new customer. It will help you increase loyalty and return customers, as well as helping you bring your brand in front of more people. 

The power of word of mouth referrals will allow you to have a certain level of trust among new customers that are acquired through this tactic simply because people trust friends recommendations more than ads.

  • Increase your customer’s lifetime value

By acquiring a new customer through word of mouth, the probability of them coming back to your coffee shop is higher because of the level of trust they have in your brand. When creating a vendor account on btwn, you’ll have access to the vendor dashboard and the features that come with it. 

All features are made to increase customer loyalty and retention rates, like coupons and offers sent through the app, personalized surveys, or complimentary drinks/desserts for your loyal customers. It will offer you an easier way to communicate with customers and incentivize them to return to your coffee shop through personalized marketing messages.

  • Automated rewards to loyal customers

Our patented technology allows you to automatically send referral fees to loyal customers that bring you to new customers. No need to manually track referrals among customers, and you’ll know for sure the ROI you get when you spend $1 in referral fee per new customer. 

We wanted to create a hassle-free platform where businesses can easily set up a referral rewards program and integrate in less than 15 minutes! Our competitors’ solutions usually take a lot of time and valuable resources that local businesses don’t have.

  • Use micro-influencers on btwn

Influencers are also a ‘word of mouth’ tactic that will help you reach your target audience and increase your trust level. Micro-influencers can sometimes be more effective than influencers because they have a small but active following they can leverage. Among our app users, you can also find these micro-influencers that will be willing to try out your coffee shop and write a recommendation in the app, as well as promoting it to their audience. By doing so, they’ll also be able to make money whenever their followers become a customer we’ll automatically send them a cash reward for you.

Maintaining sustainable growth as a local coffee shop can be challenging, but implementing something as easy as a referral program can make a big difference for long term growth and building a loyal customer base. The key to growth is always a happy customer willing to talk to their friends about you!

We’re offering a free of charge solution for local NYC businesses. We know the struggle of running a small business and the logistics that involves running one with a location in NYC, so we’re offering our solution for free to all brick and mortar businesses in NYC. If you’re ready to leverage referral marketing and increase the number of loyal customers, sign up for free with email and password!

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