If you are a Shopify merchant, you might have downloaded at least one app to grow your business using the Shopify app store. According to Shopify, statistics showed that their merchants have installed more than 25.8 million apps; in addition, more than 80% of them are third-party apps. The e-commerce platform offers a variety of apps from managing internal workflows to customer relationships for merchants running businesses more conveniently and efficiently. There are 52 apps listed under Affiliate programs, including referral apps and affiliate apps (as of September 22, 2020, 2:49 PM).

Soon, our app will launch on the Shopify app store– if you’re looking for a referral app, btwn is a perfect choice you don’t want to miss. Here are 6 reasons why our app will benefit your Shopify store and help you gain more revenue:

1. Easy for customers to join and share

Customers can easily use our app to refer friends and family to your Shopify store. They download btwn, create an account and visit your store. They can use word of mouth, text, email or social media to refer friends. Users are also given a 6-digit code that they can share with friends and invite them to the app. We make word-of-mouth referrals convenient without the need for you to keep track of codes, links, or referrals – everything is automated after the user creates an account.

2. Cost efficient

When you want to use a referral program to monitor your customers’ referral rates and its effectiveness, you can find a variety of referral marketing software advertised on search engines like Google and Yahoo. For example, ReferralCandy and Ambassador are the major referral marketing programs. However, their subscription plans are quite overpriced: ReferralCandy’s monthly subscription plan costs $49, and the Ambassador’s starter plan costs $800 per month. If you own a small business, these pricings could be overwhelming.  Even though your business is in a growing process, the cost could not be reasonable because the ROI is not guaranteed. You pay a monthly fee, but don’t know if it works or not. Our solution is free of charge for merchants, the only fee associated with it is the commission you pay your existing customer for bringing in a new customer.

3. Better engagement with your customers

As you sell your products and send thank you emails to customers, you might have felt there is still a gap between you and your customers. Yes, getting more sales is important, but in order to do so, you want to keep engaging with your customers. More engagement means customer loyalty, which in the long run means more repeated purchases. To tackle this problem, btwn is offering a variety of features that will help you engage customers like surveys, coupons, offers, and invitations through app notifications.

4. No referral expiration date, no limited referral rewards

One of the most important tips about referral programs is that you should “pay attention to the buying cycle”– you’ll tend to have more returning customers frequently if you sell inexpensive products that people regularly buy; however you’ll have less returning customers if you sell higher-priced products that people do not often regularly buy. General referral programs might be more effective for stores selling inexpensive goods because they usually have limited days of referral periods and referral rewards (e.g. buy and save $25 at our store). Our referral program is a great fit for either buying circle because we do not have referral expiration dates. Also, cash is the best incentive to make a referral because your customers can use it anywhere.

5. Trustworthy reviews from your customers

Online reviews can be tricky– they could be from your real customers sharing their experience with your brand, but they could be from others sharing dishonest, unreasonable feedback. In the world where 91% of people’s buying decisions come from online reviews, fake reviews can damage potential consumers’ trust in your brand. To solve this problem, btwn only allows verified customers to leave reviews on your brand. Our app users cannot leave reviews on partner vendors unless they made a purchase earlier at any of them. You can use the merchant dashboard to respond to their reviews, and it is another way for you to keep engaged and grow loyalty.

6. We advertise your brand for zero fee 

When you become btwn’s partner vendor, we spread the word about your shop with our growing audience. We announce new partnerships with vendors and frequently advertise your brand by actively posting on social media and sending bi-weekly newsletters to our app users. By featuring your business on our social media and newsletters, our app users can discover your Shopify store, try you out and bring in more customers! 

If you are interested in our referral program, you can sign up by clicking this link! 

Last update: October 13, 2020.

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