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Do you have a business page on Instagram? You’re probably familiar with Reels if you’ve been actively using the social media platform. Reels allows you to produce 15/30-second videos with texts, effects, background music, and even old video clips in your photo album.

Since Instagram announced Reels in August, many businesses around the world started using the feature to gain more brand awareness and reshape their brand identity. Reels have become the new rising word-of-mouth platform that helps brands reach new audiences– not only small but major brands like Sephora and Balmain have been using reels, and they saw increases in user engagements on their accounts. 

If you’re looking for new digital marketing ideas for this holiday season and beyond, then Reels is for you. We’ve listed 3 reasons why you should leverage the platform for growing your business.

A wider range of target groups

Several media platforms have described Instagram Reels as “Facebook’s clone of TikTok” because their contents have overlapping similarities. While Reels and TikTok have similar characteristics, “72% of people aged 13-17, 67% of people aged 18-29, and 47% of people aged 30-49” are on Instagram while 42% of users are aged 16 to 24 on TikTok, according to Forbes. Both platforms are popular among younger generations, yet Instagram has a wide range of audiences to target. Furthermore, when you post a Reel video, new users are more likely to watch your video on the Discover page. Based on your current audience groups, the Instagram algorithm will help you reach a new audience relevant to your followers. Therefore, you’ll have a great chance of boosting new followers and new sales.

Repurpose your content with creative styles

For increasing new followers, you don’t always need to look for new content ideas. Sometimes, you just need to give a twist to your existing ideas. Wibbitz found the most popular video content types on Instagram, and they found how-to tutorial videos are the most wanted by 80% of respondents. Other popular contents include behind-the-scenes, motivational posts, and product reviews. Take a look at Roses N Rose’s Reels below:

The two reels have reached over 1,000 views. On the left, a model demonstrates how to use Roses N Rose’s coffee body scrub in the video. On the right, the CEO of Roses N Rose presents her morning routine. As she films her quick skincare routine, she showcases one of the skincare products. This is a great marketing technique that showcases what they sell in a more casual, authentic way. A simple, educational video on your products/services can help increase your brand awareness. Regardless of the types of business industry and selling products, repurposing content with Reels can build the personality of your brand – be creative with text color, stickers, and music to make your videos stand out. 

Easy to repost TikTok contents

Although Instagram Reels doesn’t allow to save videos from other accounts, TikTok grants users to save and share others’ videos. That is how TikTok has helped numerous contents go viral on other social media platforms. When you save a video, the video is automatically engraved with a username, so you can give a credit to the owner without any copyright issues. If you have a business account on TikTok, you can simply save the video and repost it on Reels. Besides, you could repost funny memes from TikTok so that you can attract more viewers. 


Building a great content strategy takes some time. As social media channels never stop releasing new features, marketers have many options to choose the right platform to promote their businesses. The ultimate takeaway is that Reels are an up and coming word-of-mouth tool that could help spread the word about your business. 

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