Referrals are becoming more and more prominent when it comes to marketing. Customers are able to trust the review of other customers, so it’s vital to produce a good user experience. However, if you want to optimize people’s interest and opinion of your brand, word-of-mouth marketing is an effective strategy.

Many customers are inclined to purchase again in the future and recommend your business to acquaintances. Because of technological advancements over the years, word of mouth has been widely spread in the digital space. There are platforms dedicated to customers, influencers, and brand ambassadors referring various products and services to others.

Ultimately, this creates a better conversion rate and increases your sales. Here are some of the best features that enable word-of-mouth marketing platforms to get leads effectively.


A platform should let people publish their information, so profiles should be a little more organized and easy to view. This identification can help break up the categories of people in the platform based on demographics, industry, and whether they are affiliates or referees. Divide up the profiles to make analytics a little easier to comprehend for brands as well. 

Engagement Avenues

Along with proper profiling, a word-of-mouth marketing platform should also have places for communication. People should be able to engage in a private correspondence or access a dashboard that can show shared posts. The very essence of referrals is to have natural discussions about a business’ product or service, so this should be included.

An engagement feature will enable various events and campaigns to be promoted as well. If there’s a new release, people can start talking about it. If someone loves a specific item, they can recommend it to people in a few easy clicks.

Keeping Records

In social media networks, it’s essential to keep track of all the information and analytics of your profile. A word-of-mouth marketing platform is the same; users should access records about the recommendations they are making and the engagement they are garnering.

Device Compatibility

It’s a given that the word-of-mouth marketing platform should be easy to navigate and quick to load. However, users may access a site’s interface through their personal computer, phone, or tablet. A platform that’s wonky and incompatible can provide a terrible user experience. This means the platform should be able to adapt to whatever device a customer is using. That way, they can still access the same channels and use its features without any issue or hassle. 

Good Reward Systems

Something has to attract users to engage in a specific platform. Most word-of-mouth marketing platforms feature a reward system that provides incentives to the people. Some people may complain if those rewards aren’t delivered quickly, so an effective platform should be able to qualm those issues and compensate customers in a different way. Coupons, gift cards, and loyalty programs are great to hook people in.


Some word-of-mouth marketing platforms and sites can seem a little outdated as they lack these features. Marketers should utilize a site that has a refreshing reputation. It should be operational and effective at both retaining and attracting customers.
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