Mother’s Day 2021 is just around the corner! If you haven’t decided what to buy as a gift this year yet, here’s our guide to the 10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts. To give you a tip, make sure to download btwn app before you purchase anything from these vendors. You’ll be able to earn 10% cash back every time you refer friends!

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A subscription box filled with goodies and products from Hawaii.

1. She Lives Aloha: Subscription Boxes

It’s been a long time we haven’t gone on a trip. That’s why this kit from She Lives Aloha is the perfect gift for your mom this year! The kit includes items made by Hawaiian artists and some goodies that will make her feel like she’s in Hawaii without even leaving her home. Enjoy a trip to Hawaii with authentic goods like Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt, Passion Fruit Wasabi Mustard and Manoa Chocolate bars. Subscribe to give 4 boxes of refreshments to your mom throughout the year!

Home decor products from Leti

2. Leti: Home Decor

Is your mom tired of staying at home all day like we all are? Then how about redecorating her house this Mother’s Day? Simply redoing her house will make her feel like she’s at a new place. Leti has everything she needs to decorate her house from lighting, wall decors to garden decors and dinnerware. Plus, they’re not just ordinary decors you have seen anywhere! Get your mom a new look for her house this year with unique home decors from Leti. Maybe cook her an amazing dinner with the new dinnerware too.

A ring from IceTrends Jewelry

3. IceTrends: Jewelry

When it comes to showing your love and your respect to your mom, jewelry is the best! There’s a quote by Diane Von Furstenberg that goes “Jewerly is the perfect spice — it always compliments what’s already there.” Show your ever-lasting love to your mom just like how jewelry shines forever! What’s even better is that IceTrends provides sustainable jewelry that is produced ethically for the mining industry. In addition to black diamonds you can also get gemstones with special meanings or make a customized, one-of-a-kind jewelry!

skin care products from Roses N Rosé

4. Roses N Rosé: Skin Care

Having a daily skin routine is a good habit that will make your mom’s skin glow even more! And we have perfect recommendations for you! Roses N Rosé is a woman-owned small business that makes all-natural skin care products. No animal testing, no harsh chemicals or toxins and they come in bottles that are recyclable with BPA free packaging! Giving Roses N Rosé skin care products will be a meaningful gift in so many ways. (Also, it’s hard to find this high quality brand at a reasonable price like this!)

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skin care products from yonka paris

5. Yonka Paris: Skin Care

Another brand we recommend for skincare is Yonka Paris! If your mom told you that she’s sad because she feels like she’s getting old, it’s time for you to boost up her confidence again. Yonka Paris makes so many skincare products that will make her skin look younger. From anti-aging to black spots, they provide the cure for any concern that will bring her the age-defying results. Find the right product for her using the product matcher on their website.

Hair supplement from nutrafol

6. Nutrafol: Hair Supplement

If your mother is struggling due to weakened hair follicles going through menopause or too much stress, Nutrafol hair supplements should definitely be your top choice. Made with natural ingredients, Nutrafol supplements will improve hair thickness and strength. If you go with Women’s Balance option, the supplement will help her with peri- and post menopause hair improvements. Monthly delivery option comes with free doctor consultation as well! Let’s bring back your mom’s youth this year!

woman's watch from 2882 time

7. 2882: Watch

Who says only guys like watches? On 2882’s website, you’ll be able find luxury watches that will give your mom a sophisticated look. Our tip is to buy her something that matches the color of her favorite accessories like purse and bracelets. Not a fan of fashion watches? There are also sport watch options! Giving a watch as a gift can mean that you want her to be happy every day. Send a card along with the gift to make her extra happy!

Award-winning perfume from A.N Other fragrances

8. A.N. Other Fragrances

Marcel Proust said it’s smell that triggers memory. If you want to engrave every moment with your mom deep into your heart, give her a special perfume this year. Made by award winning perfumers, A.N Other Fragrances provide us with rare perfumes that are made without any boundary or worrying about commerciality. Order their samples first to try which perfume to buy, they’ll return the money for samples if you purchase a bottle. The fragrance will remind you of your mom every time you smell it!

Edible fruit bouquet from edible arrangements

9. Edible Arrangements: Desserts

Does your mom have a sweet tooth? As a person with a sweet tooth, I know the perfect gift for her! Edible Arrangements make delicious desserts like chocolate covered fruits, chocolate pretzels and cookies and arrange them into cute designs like the fruit bouquet in the picture above. I know flowers are pretty, but I know she would be very excited if she receives an edible bouquet! Make it the most memorable bouquet she has ever gotten!

Gonanas Vegan banana bread

10. GoNanas: Vegan Banana Bread

The best part of Mother’s Day is to bring your mom delicious breakfast to her bed! If your mother is vegan, bake this vegan banana bread using GoNanas banana bread mix! You can’t go wrong with the original flavor, but you can also choose pumpkin spice, chocolate chip or crackly ones. You can also be super creative with this mix. Turn them into pancakes or muffins and top with your mom’s favorite toppings like chocolate and fruits (or more banana even). Let her enjoy the best banana bread in the world, which is made by you!

Make this Mother’s Day the most special one with these meaningful and thoughtful gifts. Get 10% cashback from btwn app when you refer friends. Give only the best to your mom and recommend only the best to your friends.

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