Do you have any Memorial Day Weekend plans yet? How about a picnic at the park? Host a barbeque in your backyard? Spread your blanket and bask in the sun and celebrate this year’s Memorial Day Weekend with our favorite brands! Get your picnic basket, and check these tips & essentials to help you get ready for Memorial Day 2021.

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String bag from Eco Bags


Gather your fresh bought flowers and citrus from the farmers market in ECOBAGS String bags. With some french baguettes and feta cheese, boom! Instaworthy flat lay picture right there. Stylish, convenient, washable and expandable, String bags is ECOBAG’s first product, as featured on Oprah. Best of all, it’s reusable for all your groceries and super compact to be put back into your purse! Save storage space & save the earth!

Wine from Amsterdam Wine Co

Amsterdam Wine Co 

Don’t forget your favorite wine in your picnic basket! Located next to Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History, Amsterdam Wine Co.’s in-person store has an amazing staff with super helpful recommendations. Amsterdam Wine Co. keeps their wine bottles at 56F in Collector’s Case with all of their back stocked stored in a temperature-controlled cellar below Amsterdam Ave. They also offer a huge selection of $15 and under wines, seltzers and spirits to choose from. Our favorite is the Two Chicks Canned cocktail which is gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Try their wine selections! If you can’t browse in person, order from their app and website for easy online shopping for delivery and pickups.

Beach house towels

Beach house towels 

Spread your beautiful platter of food with beach house towels. Bask in the sun, sip a frozen margarita with lime, play some summer throwbacks on the speakers. These are made with $100% Cotton and are all natural and authentic Turkish towels. We love products that are multifunctional! Reuse these beautiful towels as a scarf or blanket.

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Hot dog made with fermented dijon mustard from the Pantry Party subscription box.

Pantry Party 

Don’t have hotdog bread? Try using sandwich bread! Spread butter and heat one slice of bread with one side down. Fold the bread in half with the hotdog and top it off with your favorite condiments! We used our favorite Fermented Dijon mustard from the Pantry Party subscription box. These curated selections of pantry items and snacks are made by local restaurants and small-batch makers from around the country. Add more flavors to your picnic food with these responsibly sourced delicious and unique pantry goods. Impress your guests! Turn your boring hotdogs into a chef’s cuisine.

Perfume sampler from A.N other

A.N Other 

Did you know that scents can help you bring back memories? It even has a scientific name, known as the “Proust Effect”! What is the smell that brings you nostalgia on Memorial day? The scent of barbeque on the grill? Or the smell of lime margarita? Use a scent to remember this occasional holiday. You want to remember the fun, warm days of May for years to come. Wear a new scent that is completely new on Memorial day. That way your brain does not have any connections from the past with the scent. The award winning fragrance from A.N OTHER made just for this. “Scent can unlock memories and transport us back in time. We like to think of our portfolio of fragrances as “placeholders” that capture youth, optimism, vibrancy, and energy.” – Gilad Amozeg, co-founder of   A. N. OTHER. Try out their perfume sampler discovery set!! Spray it around your neck and hair.  Now enjoy the day. Your new scent will be a new memory trigger. Your collection of memories will stay in the perfume bottle forever.

Start the summer of this year with a quality time with your friends or family this Memorial Day weekend!

Earn money for referrals on btwn app

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