Since the past year, there has been a significant increase in violent and racist behaviors against Asian American people around the country. Videos of Asian hate crimes were pouring out on social media every day. In those videos, they were assaulted physically and mentally both by the attacker and the bystanders who did nothing to help them. If you want to take a part in stopping Asian hate, here are things you can do right now in New York City.

1 . Stop the Hate

“We can’t stop being Asian, but you can stop hating,” quoted by a demonstrator in NYC. Yes, it’s that simple. All you need to do is stop hating others. We all are different in so many ways. Let’s stop discriminating and disliking the difference, and let’s just accept it. Let’s not judge people based on things they don’t have control over. 

2. Report Any Incident Immediately

Interfering to an incident directly can be very dangerous, but you can prevent a worse situation by reporting the incident immediately. When you witness a violence, please report immediately with a detailed location and description of the incident. 

3. Dine in Asian-owned Restaurants

If you’ve been in NYC all throughout the pandemic, you would know that Chinatown has been empty for months and months. Now that restaurants are opening up for dining in again, btwn is paying 10% cash back as referral fees to customers who dine in participating Asian-owned restaurants in NYC. Support local Asian-owned restaurants and earn 10% cash back when you split a bill with your friends or refer friends to a restaurant. Share the campaign with anyone you know who owns or works at AAPI restaurants.

4. Donate to Asian Funding Organizations

There are so many AAPI non-profit funds and communities that are raising money to stop racial inequalities like the AAPI community and AAJC (Asian American Advancing Justice). All money raised by these funds will go towards stopping racial discrimination and providing help to victims of hate crime.

5. Join Group Marches

Raising awareness to stop hate crime is one of the most essential steps to end the racial discrimination as not everyone had the same opportunity to learn about racial issues. That’s why joining group marches that are happening around NYC can be a crucial step. You can easily find one to join by googling “stop Asian hate marches”.

6. Support Asian-owned Local Businesses

Yelp recently added a category of Asian-owned businesses. Yelp has seen a 3,404% increase in searches for AAPI owned restaurants recently, but AAPI restaurants are still suffering. If you want to support AAPI owned businesses directly, you’ll be able to find one easily on Yelp!

7. Donate to Cafe Maddy Cab

Since April 2021, Cafe Maddy Cab has been reimbursing costs for NYC subway, Uber and Lyft up to $40 for Elderly Asian people, Asian women and Asian LGBTQ as they have higher risk to be targeted. If you wish to donate money for them please check their Instagram account here.

Take a part to stop Asian Hate. Every contribution makes a huge difference.

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