The sun is out, the vaccine card is filled, vacation mode is on. Post-Covid Roaring Twenties are the rage this summer. In the hopes of reclaiming the lost pandemic year in 2020, people are booking flights and trips for endless nights of travel this summer. Are you prepared? Here are 4 purse essentials that will make your life easier.

Honey Lemon Mints from Neuro

1. Mint/Gum – Neurogum

You can never do wrong with having extra gum in your purse. In your rush to get to the airport or during a long road trip, keep a bag full of hygiene backups such as antiperspirant wipes, instant stain remover, bobby pins, band aid, travel toothbrush, and a pack of gum. Instead of getting regular gums, why not try functional gums made to energize and calm your mind? Neurogum states to regulate mood, ease tension, and add focus. Expertly developed with GABA, Vitamin D3, and L-theanine, Neurogum’s Calm and Clarity mints are a must-have to keep in your purse. 

2. Travel Underwear – Panic Panties  

You can never over-prepare. Why not have a spare pair of underwear ready for life’s unpredictable moments? Panic Panties, designed by three women, are high-quality thongs that can be kept in your purse. These panties are free of toxins and other harmful chemicals and sewn in a Fair Trade factory with fabric made in the USA. Best of all they are packaged individually, and great to throw in your traveling bag or suitcase for on the go. With simple and classic designs, Panic Panties fit on real women of all different shapes and sizes.

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3. Setting Spray – Motives Cosmetics 

It’s important to prevent your makeup from settling into lines and wrinkles from the blazing heat, especially when you are still wearing your mask indoors. Motives 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray uses its unique dispersal system to apply a protective coating. This helps keep skin moisturized and holds makeup in its place. A quick tip: keep a setting spray and other water-based products in a separate zipper-top cosmetic bag. Keep it from the rest of your makeup to prevent spillage. 

4. Rose Water Toner –  Isabella’s clearly 

Did you know that a rise in skin temperature can increase sebum production and cause breakouts, resulting in blackheads and whiteheads? It is extremely important to prevent your skin temperature from rising this summer. Try Isabella Clearly’s TONE pure rose water facial toner to carry and spritz whenever your face gets hot. Simply mist gently on your face to tone, hydrate, and refresh your skin for a healthy balanced complexion. TONE is beneficial for all skin types, and with no additives and no alcohol, is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. 

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