There’s nothing better than starting your day off with a cup of quality coffee. Or maybe you even need it to get through the afternoon! But let’s get straight to business… I know Starbucks and Dunkin might be convenient… but something about a cup of joe from a small business just hits different. We’ve put together essential products from our favorite vendors that you won’t want to miss out on. You can enjoy good coffee while feeling good about where your money goes. They even have referral programs on btwn where you’ll receive cashback if you earn them new customers. Now let’s enjoy a cup, refer friends, and earn cash!

Full Moon Blend coffee beans from Now or Never

Full Moon Blend by Now or Never

10% Cashback on btwn

Milk Chocolate, cashew, caramel, and fig? Say no more. Whether you want to make a hot cup of coffee, or opt for some cold brew, this blend is the perfect mix. You can buy it as whole beans or ground from Now or Never.

Ten Drops Cold Brew coffee by East Iceland Coffee Co.

Ten Drops Cold Brew Coffee by East Iceland Coffee Co.

15% Cashback on btwn

Organic cold brew with hints of Strawberry, Raspberry, Milk Chocolate… does it get any better? These flavors just fit right in together, especially during the summer. Tastes great with or without milk. And you can buy it whole bean or ground!

Aeropress coffee maker from East Iceland Coffee Co.

AeroPress Coffee Maker by East Iceland Coffee Co.

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Fast and versatile. This coffee maker works with American style, espresso style, or cold brew. Add a little style and better flavor to your brewing process than with a traditional maker!

Now or Never Coffee in NYC

Now or Never Coffee

10% Cashback on btwn

You’ll find their brews on this list available to ship. But if you’re living in or visiting New York City, you must stop by their cafe. You can book their space for meetings, enjoy food, music, and of course, fresh coffee!  

Location: 30 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

Farm2Me golden ratio Chocolate Mint Gold Coffee


10% Cashback on btwn

On Farm2Me, you can find beans from a variety of different sources! They offer bulk quantities and prices, which I find great because I can never buy enough! You can also find unique flavors such as this Chocolate Mint blend by Golden Ratio. Make sure to browse their site where you can find dozens of different coffee sources and blends from all over.

We hope you enjoyed this list of high quality coffee products. We love supporting small businesses and hope you do too. You can find all of these vendors on btwn. When you download the app and shop, you’ll earn cashback from referring friends to shop at vendors you’ve visited. Support small, earn cashback, and enjoy your drink.

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