6 Earth Day Essentials

Customer blog, Blog By Gina Park April 21, 2021

April 22 is Earth Day, a day to celebrate our beautiful Mother nature and stand to protect the planet. As celebrating the upcoming day, we want to introduce you to some of our favorite eco-friendly brands. Check out these brands that will save not only the Earth, but also your money!

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House Plant Shop

If you’re looking for plants to freshen up your apartment air or decorate your mini garden, go to the House Plant Shop right now. House Plant Shop is an online plant shop you’ll never find anywhere else. They sell a variety of plants from succulents, gardening tools, and NASA approved plants (super cool, right?!). From April 19th to 23rd (2021), they’ll purchase Carbon Offsets for all the sale orders. All you need to do is to use code “Thankshome” to get 15% off your entire order and FREE carbon neutralize your order. 

To learn more about Carbon Offsets, you can read more at the bottom. 


Online food shopping is one of the fast-growing industries ever since COVID-19 hit many countries. Among the others, Farm2Me is the most innovative, trusted source for local farm-to-fridge. Based in San Francisco, Farm2Me sources local produce from vegetables, dairy, meats, and bakery. For Earth Day, they’re selling Ultimate Earth Day Sampler Box, curated snack sampler box with brands practicing sustainability. Now you can get it at $67! 

Get delicious Dark Chocolate Candy Coated Peanuts, Sourdough Sea Salt Crackers, and more!

Fun fact: you can choose farm regions to shop local farm produce on the website!

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A perfect gift for your friends and family! Earthlove is an award-winning sustainable seasonal subscription box. Serina, the founder of Earthlove and Spirit Wild Farm, aims to bring more nature into our lives by curating eco-friendly products and informative books about vegan recipes and natures. You have a choice to choose from “Regular” or “Vegan” box, and the products are delivered on your schedule. If you want to give it a try before subscribing, purchase individual products to get a glimpse of the experience! 

Eco Bags' string bags

Eco Bags

Tired of tossing thin plastic produce bags in the trash? Bring reusable Eco Bags‘ organic cotton drawstring bags to the bulk and produce aisles of your favorite store or co‑op and fill em up at your favorite bulk bins (beans, seeds and grains) or fresh fruits and veggies.

When you get home transfer bulk items to containers and put your produce right into the vegetable crisper. Store the bag with your reusable totes for your next trip. See how easy it is to bring your purchases home and create zero‑waste. The drawstring top keeps everything from falling out. You’ll see these bags are also handy for organizing travel and gym stuff!

Adjustable face masks in eco-friendly fabrics

Isabella’s Clearly

If you are looking for a comfortable and fashionable reusable mask, you will love Isabella’s Clearly’s handmade adjustable masks in eco‑friendly organic fabrics. Choose from 3 stylish patterns and colors that work year round, are unisex, and will compliment your face and your wardrobe. Each mask comes with a protective filter and is packaged in Isabella’s Clearly cotton bag so you can store it in style when not in use. *Save $12 when you order the 3‑mask bundle (which includes one of each color)!

Spend some time outside in nature celebrating Earth’s Day. If you’re concerned about bugs, check out these kits for outdoor enthusiasts from Isabella’s Clearly as well!

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