The way our referral program works is that a customer makes a purchase at your store and signs up for your referral program. First, they sign up by downloading our btwn app on their phone and creating an account. Then they start making recommendations to friends and family about your brand. You get a new sale based on that customer’s recommendations and you reward them for it 10% (or more) cash back on their friend’s purchase. The money goes from your bank account or credit/debit card directly to your customer’s app profile without having to do it manually and only by using the power of data. Our technology automatically works behind to process and make referrals effective.

Step 1: List your business

Register your business in the referral network. Then our users will be able to refer a friend after they make purchase at your business.

Step 2: Your business profile

After making a purchase at your business (on your website/location), the app users will be able to start referring friends.

Step 3. Referring friends

Our technology will reward automatically a 10% commission to users who make a referral that converts into a sale for your business.