Users FAQ

Getting Started with btwn

  • What is btwn?

Btwn is a referral marketing app that enables you to earn a Cash Reward. According to the terms and conditions, you could earn a referral bonus when you make referrals to friends and family about participating merchants and they make a qualifying transaction at the given merchant. You will also earn a shopping reward, $5, on your first qualifying purchase per participating merchant and various amounts for subsequent qualifying transactions at the given merchant.

It is a free app that allows you to become a micro-influencer among friends by recommending businesses that you trust.

We are all about sharing experiences with friends and family, so our app is a trusted source of recommendations for your personal network.

  • How to earn cash reward?

After downloading and signing up with btwn, please follow the steps below:

  1. Link your eligible cards (e.g. Visa or MasterCard) to make qualifying transactions with participating merchants.
  2. Visit the participating merchants and make a qualifying transaction with your linked eligible cards for shopping rewards ($5 for the first qualifying transaction per participating merchant and various reward amounts for subsequent qualifying transactions at the given merchant).
  3. Make a referral to your friends in your Facebook account or same circle code
  4. When friends linked to you through Facebook or your circle code make a qualifying transaction with the participating merchants you referred after signing up with btwn, you earn a Referral Cash bonus (10% of your friends’ transaction amount)
  • How do I sign up?

The sign up process is simple!

  1. Download the app on the app store
  2. Verify your phone number
  3. Sync your Facebook account (optional)
  4. Link your eligible Visa or MasterCard.
  5. Start exploring the app to find participating merchants

We will need to use your Facebook account or circle code in order for us to be able to reward your referrals.

  • What is a circle code?

A circle code is a unique code per user. You can share your circle code with your friends to be in the same referral group. Also, you can add your friends’ circle codes to be in the same group. You are eligible to earn referral cash bonuses for referrals you make to friends in the same circle code.

It is called a circle code because it makes up your personal circle of friends and family for your referral activities. When your friends or family in the same circle code make qualifying transactions with participating merchants following your referral, you earn a referral cash bonus in addition to your shopping reward.

  • Do I need a Facebook account to sign up with btwn?

That’s optional. We use Facebook to track your connections, so whenever a referred friend makes a qualifying purchase, we will be able to reward you with the referral cash bonus .

We do not access any other information in your social media account. If you don’t want to link your Facebook account, you may use your circle code instead to participate in your friend group.

  • How can I make a referral?

You can make a referral to your friends or family by sharing the participating merchants where you made a qualifying purchase. On the detail page of a participating merchant, you can find the sharing button on the right top conner. For your Referral Bonus, your friends or family need to sign up btwn before they make a qualifying purchase at the participating merchant you referred.

  • Can I make a referral to a friend who is not on Facebook?

Yes, you can make a referral to a friend who is not on Facebook, but is on your circle code group. We can use either Facebook or circle code group connections to validate your referral and receive cash rewards when your friends make a qualifying transaction with a participating merchant following your referral.

Account Information

  • Where can I find Settings?

To find Settings, go to your Account Profile in the bottom of the app screen.

Click on the icon in front of your username.

In the Settings section, you can find information about your account and the cards linked to the app.

  • How can I change my profile photo?

In order to change your profile photo on the app, you will need to change your photo on the social network you connected when you created the account (e.g., Facebook).

  • How do I sign out?

Go to Settings.

Click Sign Out at the bottom of the page.

  • How can I turn off my notifications?

To turn off notifications, you’ll have to access your account within the app and click on the Settings button. Slide the button to the left to turn off notifications.

  • How can I delete my account?

In order to request that we delete your account, send a request to our team by email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Why do you need my location information?

Turning on your location information will allow you to see merchants  nearby that have cash reward offers via the btwn app..


  • Why do you need my card information and why should I link them to the app?

Our referral marketing technology doesn’t work like a traditional referral program following referral coupon codes of referral links. Once your eligible cards are connected on the app, we can monitor qualifying transactions at participating merchants and send you cash rewards earned by your qualifying transactions and earned when your friends make a qualifying transaction at the participating merchants you referred.

Connect eligible cards that you use all the time, in order to get rewarded when you make a qualifying transaction at a participating merchant that we have on the app.

  • How can I connect my card?

You can connect your eligible cards by clicking on the Settings button in your profile, where the Payment button is located.

You can link your eligible Visa or Mastercard.

Once your card is successfully linked, you can start making referrals to your friends about participating merchants you love.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to make a qualifying purchase using the cards linked on the app, in order for us to send you cash rewards.

  • How many cards can I add to the app?

You can add up to 5 cards, Visa or MasterCard.

You also have the option to update or delete a card that you no longer have or that has been stolen.

  • How can I delete a card?

You can delete a card by accessing your Settings and then Payment.

Click on the Managing button (three dots next to registered card), and the card can be deleted.

  • Are my cards secure?

We do not store your card information in the company server. Your card information goes to Network card companies (Visa, MasterCard) or certified third party (such as Fidel Limited) with PCI compliance certified.

  • Do you sell my data?

No, we do not keep or sell your data. We only use it to make the word-of-mouth referral process hassle free  for businesses and customers.

How does the referral work

  • How can I make a referral?

You can make referrals either online from within the app, by accessing the arrow icon in the right upper corner on the merchant page; or offline, through word-of-mouth.

Due to our patented technology, we are the only app that can track offline referrals. As long as you are connected on Facebook or through a circle code group with the friends and family, you’re making referrals to them.

In order to make a referral, you’ll first need to make a qualifying purchase prior to making referrals.

The friends and family that you’re making referrals to will need to download the app and create an account.

  • Do my friends need to have the btwn app also?

Yes, your friends will need to download the app and create an account before making a qualifying purchase. You can share your circle code to help them sign up with btwn easily and belong in the same circle code.

  • Can I make referrals before making a qualifying purchase at a participating merchant?

No; in order to receive the referral cash bonus, you will need to make a qualifying purchase prior to referring friends or family to participating merchants. We will check the credibility of your referral by verifying if you’re a current customer at the participating merchants.

  • I made a purchase in-store at one of the participating merchants, but I haven’t linked my card to the app. Can I still make referrals?

Unfortunately, we cannot monitor your transactions before you link your eligible cards with btwn. Please link your eligible cards and make a qualifying transaction at  the participating merchant again. After your visit with a linked card, you are able to make referrals to get a cash bonus.

  • What is the Merchant Referral Program?

The Merchant Referral Program allows you to put our sales team in contact with a potential business that will take advantage of being on the app.

If you know small businesses near you that benefit from referrals, send us their contact information and we’ll contact them. If they sign up on the app, we’ll reward you for this referral with $30-$50 per business referred by you. The amount of the Merchant Referral Program commission is determined by btwn depending on the business size of the merchant

Cash Redeem

  • How can I redeem my cash reward?

When your cash reward exceeds USD $25, you can redeem it by clicking Redeem on your account page. Please choose how to redeem the amount through Venmo, PayPal or issuance of a check. For redeeming through Venmo or PayPal, we need your phone numbers linked to your Venmo account, or your ID (email address) for sign in with PayPal. To request issuance of a check, please fill out the information to receive the bank check mailed to your address. The information includes your name and address.

We will mail you the check and notify you when it is sent.

  • How many times can I receive a referral bonus from a single referral?

The maximum number of times to receive a referral bonus from a referral made to a friend depends on the limit that the merchant sets up within the app. The average is 3 times for the same merchant and same friend. The maximum cash reward amount from one participating merchant is USD $250.

  • Can you send me my cash reward directly to my bank account?

Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot send a direct deposit to your bank account.

We are able to send you your Cash Reward through Venmo, PayPal, or by issuing a bank check with your name.