Our mission is to close the gap
between your business and customers

We help you build 1:1 relationships with your valuable customers by offering a solution
that automates the process of using incentives to reward customer referrals.

About Us

btwn is a marketing platform created by b.plat LLC in 2017 with the purpose to revolutionize referral marketing by using a patented technology that automates the word-of-mouth referral process.So businesses can reward happy customers, without having to track referral codes of links.

We take pride in building a fast solution that will help businesses grow.

What makes btwn different?

Automated technology

Our patented technology is the only one in the world that can track word of mouth referrals automatically.

Better engagement

Opportunity to build direct relationships with your customers through features like surveys, coupons and private invites.

Free of charge solution

No pay-per-click, monthly costs or upfront costs. Our platform is free of charge, you’ll only pay for new sales.

Smart analytics

A comprehensive ROI dashboard that allows you to measure the referral program’s success, your investment and much more.

Rewards that drive growth

By offering your customers cash rewards, they’ll refer more and more friends to your business. Control the rewards through the buying cycle.

Patented technology

Our platform is the first and only referral platform that can track card transactions with personal network.

A patent for this technology has currently been issued in 3 countries(United States, Singapore, S.Korea).

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